Product Center

    Founded in 2018, Wuxi Xinhua Guangjing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Wuxi Huaguang Automotive Parts Group Co., Ltd. The headquarter is located in the beautiful coastal Yangshan of Taihu Lake, covering an area of 250,000 square meters, with a total of 1900 employees.
    Xinhua Guangjie Machine was founded by Huaguang Group, which has more than ten years'research and design experience in the field of harmonic reducer. The team has successfully adapted the harmonic reducer independently developed by Huaguang Group for the rotating manipulator arm of Jakarta Asian Games, the robot of a famous German enterprise and the stage of CCTV Snake Spring Festival Gala. Unanimous approval. On the basis of theoretical calculation and finite element analysis, the Xinhua Guangqing Precision Machine Team has successfully broken through the design difficulties of tooth Hyperbola by using multi-objective regression optimization method, and developed harmonic deceleration products with compact structure, high speed ratio, high precision and long service life.

Technology Advantage

  • High-precision

    The transmission error can reach second level, the backlash is less than 10 arcses, and the space error is less than 30 arcses.

  • High torque

    It is more than twice the peak torque and torque of domestic traditional products than that of similar imported products.

  • PI tooth profile

    The transmission accuracy, fatigue strength and service life of reducer can be greatly improved by optimum design of PI tooth profile.

  • Long life

    The theoretical design life of 30,000 hours limit load is much longer than that of similar products.

  • Standardization

    Type spectrum is complete, deceleration range is wide, serialized models adopt standardized link size and interface, versatility is excellent, easy to select type.

  • customization

    Seamless docking based on rapid design and rapid production can provide high precision and customized harmonic reducer with fast response.

  • Integration

    Faced with the requirement of high precision, high efficiency and small volume of transmission mechanism, the design scheme of joint module which integrates drive, transmission and sensor can be provided.

  • Strong reliability

    Innovation of processing methods and production process regulations, establishment of digital manufacturing system, automation of test loading and quality data acquisition, and final production of a complete inspection certificate for each finished product